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Choose to be Alive & Well

The major premise behind Alive & Well is to educate as many people as possible about healing themselves naturally through chiropractic care and whole food nutrition.

How well you care for yourself today will determine the quality of your future. In order for you to understand what health truly is, you must understand that both health and disease are processes that develop over time. You must also understand that drugs give the illusion of success but do not address why the body originally malfunctioned. There are only two approaches to health care:

Trying to get rid of something that you have and do not want (an ache, pain, or condition).

Trying to acquire something that you want and do not have (health).

Health is the result of a conscious decision to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Dis-ease is often the result of being unconscious about health and what it takes to be healthy. For countless thousands, a quick fix mentality has not produced health; it has however, produced disaster and a focus on how one feels instead of how one truly is.

The United States ranks last in health compared to the rest of the industrialized nations; yet we have the best medical care and consume the most medications. What’s wrong with this picture? In reality the only person that is going to take the best care of your health is you, not your insurance company or the government.

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