Designed Clinical Nutrition

The quality of the food you put into your body is what you are giving it to grow, repair, and regenerate itself. Many people do not realize that the toxins they are being exposed to in their environment or the ones that they are choosing to put into their body for fuel are creating a level of disease. We can tell that this has become a significant issue because we often hear of numerous disease processes like children having allergies that we never even heard of as kids, as well as the considerable amount of digestive diseases that plague our teens and adults.

At Alive & Well we take a very comprehensive approach toward your health by providing you with designed clinical nutrition programs. This is a customized approach to your nutritional needs. We actually find out what your body needs and why it needs it. We do this by performing a comprehensive evaluation that includes a thorough history, heart rate variability scan, testing your body’s scientifically proven neurological reflex points (a neurological reflex point signifies an underlying stress or dysfunction), a functional review of your bloodwork, and a review of the foods that you are putting into your body as fuel. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to create a program that is specific for your individual nutritional needs. We tell you which foods will promote a healthier you and which foods are not in your best interest. We then work with you toward rebuilding your health or preventing and maintaining it so that you can continue to do those things which you enjoy doing or once did. The reason we call this a designed clinical nutrition program is because no two people are alike, so why would you expect everyone to get the same results on a one size fits all program? Designed clinical nutrition programs are formulated for your body’s specific needs to achieve your optimal health and well being through whole food nutrition and proper supplementation.

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