Stifling Parent-Child Interaction, Antidepressants and Children, Fast Weight Gain in Infants, Gum Disease and Heart Disease

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Stifling Parent-Child Interaction

Learn how TV is stifling the parent-child interaction and what affect this is having on your child’s language skills.

Antidepressants and Children

Although antidepressants are widely prescribed for children with Autistic Spectrum disorder, research shows these are no more effective than placebo. There drugs are causing more problems then they are fixing.

Fast Weight Gain in Infants

Fast weight gain during the first three months of life bring health consequences later in life. Learn how to stop this problem now.

Gum Disease and Heart Disease

As it turns out these two problems are very closely linked and are the result of the same process going on in your body. What you need to know when your dentist tells you you have gum disease.


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