Heart Danger in Young Children, Rear Facing Car Seats, Vigorous Exercise Raises Risk, Vaginosis and Low Vitamin D

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Heart Dangers Seen in Very Young Obese Children

Obese children as young as 7 have worrying levels of compounds linked to heart disease and heart attacks, U.S. researchers reported…More

Rear-facing Car Seats Protect Older Children

Children under 4 years of age fare better in motor vehicle accidents when they are riding in rear-facing rather than forward-facing car seats, according to a report…More

Frequent Vigorous Exercise Raises Heart Risk

New research suggests that as the frequency of vigorous exercise increases, so does the risk of atrial fibrillation….More

Nutrition: Vaginal Infection Tied to Low Vitamin D

Bacterial vaginosis is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age, and a new study has found that it is associated with vitamin D deficiency. The disorder is treatable with antibiotics, but it can lead to premature birth and is a major cause of infant mortality….More


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