Organic Food Help or Hype, Obesity – We All Pay, Got Milk, Healthcare and Your Wallet

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Organic Foods: Not More Nutritious? Study Says Organic Foods No More Nutritious, but Others Disagree
“Organically grown food is no more nutritious than conventionally grown food when it comes to the amount of certain important nutrients, according to a new review of published studies.”

Obesity drives medical costs up
“Not only is obesity increasing, but obese individuals spend an additional $1429 a year—or 42% more—on healthcare than their normal-weight counterparts, a study reports.’

Evidence strongly links milk protein to heart disease, diabetes and mental disorder” …epidemiological evidence from ten countries has shown a strong link between a high intake of milk from “A1 positive” cows and numerous diseases, including heart disease, Type 1 diabetes, autism and schizophrenia. And the data correlates very closely with World Health Organization studies on the level of deaths caused by mental disorders.”

With falling public support, Obama’s health reform strategy questioned
“The White House is facing uncomfortable questions about its strategy for selling President Barack Obama’s healthcare overhaul to Americans, after a series of opinion polls showed eroding support for it,” a Reuters analysis says.”