They want your kids on drugs

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Cholesterol Lowering and Lowfat Diets for Children
“The pharmaceutical industry seems intent on putting growing children on cholesterol-lowering drugs, with a carefully orchestrated campaign that first targets children…”

Opening Pandoras Bread Box
“Now that celiac disease has been allowed official entry into the pantheon of established medical conditions, and gluten intolerance is no longer entirely a fringe medical concept, the time has come to draw attention to the powerful little chemical in wheat…”

Sex steroid hormones – bone mineral density and risk of breast cancer
“The objective of the study is to determine if older women with high BMD are likely to develop a more aggressive form of breast cancer, as defined by mortality.”

Swine Flu a Faked Pandemic
“The truth is out. More than half of the experts advising the World Health Organization (WHO) to declare swine flu a ‘pandemic’ are linked to drug-makers that have reaped huge profits from untested vaccines and flu drugs.”