Warning 3D movies cause serious health issues

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Watching 3-D Movies, TV Shows Can Be Real Headache
“NEW YORK — From Hollywood studios to Japanese TV makers, powerful business interests are betting 3-D will be the future of entertainment, despite a major drawback: It makes millions of people uncomfortable or sick.”

Moose Offer Trail of Clues on Arthritis
“But now the moose of Isle Royale have something to say — well, their bones do. Many of the moose, it turns out, have arthritis.”

Why You Don’t Want to Buy Organic Eggs at the Grocery Store
“Eggs from truly organic, free-range chickens are FAR less likely to contain dangerous bacteria such as salmonella, and their nutrient content is also much higher than commercially raised eggs.”

New Warning About the Healthy Habit That Can Damage Your Brain
“Many still do not realize the proven health risks inherent with fluoridated water, but the information is spreading.”