Now you can grow new brain cells

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Fasting Two Days a Week May Benefit Your Brain
“Researchers at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine have collected evidence that reducing food intake to under 500 calories per day for two days a week may help to prevent brain damage from Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Diseases.”

Childhood Exercise Yields Dividends in the Classroom
“Physical  exercise in children improves not only cardiovascular health but also academic performance, an analysis of several studies has found.”

Omega-3s May Reduce Age-Related Muscle Loss
“Small clinical trial in people over 70 is first to show that omega-3s enhance the efficiency of two key metabolic pathways to muscle creation.”

Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects-Increases Effectiveness
“The routine administration of vaccinations continues to be a subject of controversy in the United States, as well as throughout the world….The controversy over the potential harm of vaccinating, or of not vaccinating, will not be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties anytime soon, if ever.”