Chiropractor Nutrition Reading MA Alive and Well 17 Days Until Summer Countdown

It’s 17 days until summer! Your health tip today is on making the right choices with the produce that you eat. I am a strong advocate for organic foods. I understand that they cost more but you are getting a better quality food. Conventional foods have a lot of chemicals in them which doesn’t seem like a big deal to most but think of how many POUNDS OF CHEMICALS you are ingesting through the years. Do you think that could impact your health in a negative way?

Look for the farmer markets that will be opening soon in your area. Ask the farmers if they use pesticides and herbicides. Many farmers are not using them but cannot claim to be “organic”. I included an article about organic food and why we should be eating it. I also like the produce wash the author suggested as well as the list of conventional veggies that have the least amount of toxic exposure.

Have a great day and Be Well!