Chiropractor Nutrition Reading MA Alive and Well 16 Days Until Summer Countdown

It’s 16 days until summer!  Today’s health tip is on simple steps to manage stress.  At Alive & Well, we always talk about subluxations (interferences within your body that prevent your nervous system from working at its optimal level).  Subluxations are all caused by stress.  There are three types of stress:  physical (traumas that may have occurred to you from childbirth to present day), chemical (things that you are putting into your body to use as food that aren’t enhancing your well being), and emotional (things we frequently worry about that may or may not come into being).

This is a great article on managing stress.  It talks about the importance of sleep which helps you to decrease the physical types of stress.  It talks about eating well which helps to diminish the chemical types of stress.  It gives you recommendations to help manage the emotional types of stress via exercise and fun activities.

Enjoy the article!