Chiropractor Reading MA Alive and Well Summer Popsicle

Are there monsters lurking in your freezer with names like sugar, food dyes, and preservatives that are secretly robbing you of your health? Beat the heat this summer with a popsicle packed with vitamins and minerals that enhance your health. It took me less than 10 minutes to make these four popsicles and that included opening the Thai coconut (optional-you can use coconut milk instead).

Directions: Take 1/2 the water from the Thai coconut and all of the coconut meat and blend it with pineapple and a dash of cinnamon. Blend until smooth. Pour in popsicle molds and freeze.

Options: You can use coconut milk (sold in a carton) instead of opening a Thai coconut (YouTube has directions on opening. It’s easy!). You can use cocoa to make the popsicles chocolate. Add different types of fruits like banana, mango, or berries.

Have Fun and Be Well!
Dr. Anne Marie