Chiropractor Reading MA Alive and Well School Countdown: Backpack Safety

Hello Everyone,

It’s almost back to school time! Each new school year means a fresh start no matter what age you are. On Tuesday, August 20th at 7:15 we will be hosting our Spinal and Nutrition Basics Class. Topics will include: good posture, strong bones, ergonomics, building blocks for good nutrition, healthy snacks (samples will be provided) and healthy lunch suggestions. Let us know if you are coming and bring a loved one with you.

Monday through Friday over the next two weeks, we will be doing our healthy school tips countdown. Today’s healthy tip is a video on choosing a proper backpack for your child or yourself if using one during your commute.

Enjoy the video and have a great day!

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Alive and Well Chiropractic Backpack Safety
Dr. Anne Marie

backpack safety