Chiropractor Reading MA Alive and Well School Countdown on Posture

Most people think that posture is just a vanity thing. It really lets you know how healthy you are. Your posture is like the framework of your house. It doesn’t matter how pretty you try to make it. If the framework is compromised so is the house. Your skeleton is the framework of your body. It houses your brain and spinal cord which tells everything in your body what to do. If your skeleton is not aligned properly, your body cannot function at its optimal level. A good example of this would be knee replacements. Both knees are the same age. How come one has to be replaced? Improper alignment.

Children have the capacity to heal quickly. Check your whole family’s posture by referring to the video. If you suspect spinal misalignment come on in and get your spine checked!

Have a great day!
Dr. Anne Marie

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