Chiropractor Reading MA Alive and Well Chiropractic Pop Quiz Question 8

Hello Everyone!

This is your Reading MA chiropractor Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino.  Here is your “Pop Quiz” question #8:  What percentage of fruits and vegetables should be on your plate at each meal?

Email us your answer and the winner of the “Pop Quiz” questions will receive a $100 gift certificate to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch of their choice.


Pop Quiz Question #4: How many pounds of sugar does the average American consume in one year?

Answer:  Approximately 150 pounds.

Pop Quiz Question #5: If the clothes on one side of your body were two sizes too small, what would happen?

Answer:  It would be difficult for you too move because the clothes are too tight.

Pop Quiz Question #5 (continued):  How does this compare to a body that is not aligned properly?

Answer (continued):  If you have subluxation(s) some of the nerves that come off of your spine go to your muscles. These muscles will become tight. If the subluxation(s) are not corrected, you will eventually have chronic spinal misalignments and muscle tension. This leads to decreased mobility and postural imbalances which create total body “dis-ease”.

NOTE: A subluxation is when there is some form of pressure on a nerve(s) preventing the body from working at its optimal potential. The pressure can be as light as the weight of a dime.

Pop Quiz Question #6: What is the most important organ in your body ?

Hint: it looks like a whole walnut and feels like tofu.

Answer:  YOUR BRAIN.


Answer (continued):  Most people think that your heart is the most important organ in your body. The American Heart Association has done a great job in educating us about our heart. The reality is …What causes our heart to beat? What causes our lungs to breathe? What causes our whole body to function throughout the day? YOUR BRAIN!  You only get one of them in your lifetime.  TAKE CARE OF IT!

Choose to Be Alive & Well!

Dr. Anne Marie