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Hello Everyone,

This is your Reading MA chiropractor Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino.   We have several new things happening at Alive & Well!

1.  Congratulations to Donna the winner of our “Pop Quiz” challenge.  Donna won a $100 gift certificate for Applecrest Orchards.  Great job to those of you who participated in this challenge.  Your answers were on point! 🙂  The last three answers to the “Pop Quiz” questions are noted below.

“Pop Quiz” Question #7: Approximately how many toxic chemicals does the average newborn have?  Answer:  Approximately 250!

“Pop Quiz” question #8: What percentage of fruits and vegetables should be on your plate at each meal?  Answer:  50%

“Pop Quiz” Question = #9: What are subluxations and what causes them?  Answer:  Subluxations are when there is some form of pressure on your nervous system (brain and spinal cord) so that your body cannot perform at its optimal level.  Subluxations are caused by STRESS:  physical (from childbirth to present day), chemical (things that you are putting into/on your body or are in your environment that may not be good for it), and mental (things you are worrying about each day).

2.  We have a Members Only page on our website!!!  Go to our website at and click on our Members Only button.  The password is “Be Well”.  On this page you will find our anti aging posture talk, our Gluten Free recipe book, and our Green Smoothie recipe book.  Enjoy.

3.  Our Healthy Desserts for the Holiday talk will be on November 11th at 7:15.  Mark your calendar!

Have a great day and remember health is a choice.  Choose to be Alive & Well!

Dr. Anne Marie