Chiropractor Reading MA Alive and Well Chiropractic You Can Have It Too

Hello, this is your Reading MA chiropractor Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino.  Are your neck and upper back constantly tight?  Does your lower back consistently ache?  Are you hunched over a computer all day?  Your posture actually dictates how healthy you are.  Have you ever looked at the difference in posture between a healthy person and a person who is sick?  Which one do you most resemble?

We just completed our two anti aging posture challenges at Alive & Well.  The winner in Group 1 was Johnathan and the winner in Group 2 was Tracy.  They both won Ninja blenders!

If you would like to improve your posture like those who participated in our challenge, go to our website at and click on the Member’s Only button.  Type in the password:  Be Well.  Here you will find the anti aging posture challenge (also Alive & Well’s gluten free and green smoothie cookbooks).  Listen to the talk and start the three foundation exercises for better posture.  If you would like further progressions to the anti aging talk, email us at and we will sign you up for the progressions to these posture exercises over the next 7 weeks.

Health is a choice.  Choose to be Alive & Well!

Dr. Anne Marie