Chiropractor Reading MA Alive and Well Chiropractic Shoveling Snow


This is your Reading, MA chiropractor Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino.  Just wanting to wish everyone a happy snow day and give you some “back saving” tips when shoveling the heavy snow:

1.  Make sure you drink some water before you start shoveling.  This allows your muscles to stay properly hydrated which prevents spasms later in the day.

2.  Prep your muscles and spine before and after shoveling by doing some side bends and hamstring stretches.

3.  When shoveling snow, keep your hips as square as possible and push the snow as far as you can.

4.  When lifting the snow, use the power in your legs rather than your back.

5.  When dropping the snow into a pile, turn your hips and drop the snow (Don’t rotate your spine and throw the snow!  This leads to disc issues).


Have a great day and enjoy the snow!