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Greetings from Utah!

This week I am talking about the importance of taking time for yourself each day.  Whether you have 5 minutes or an hour, it is important for you to stop and recharge your battery.  Have you checked out our fall philosophy challenge yet?  Go to and listen to Dr. Gentempo as he guides you through a system of self discovery for greater health.  When you complete the course, bring in your print out and let us know your thoughts.  You will then win a chance at our bountiful basket which will be raffled off the week before Thanksgiving.  So far, the bountiful basket includes the following items:  $100 gift certificate to Alive & Well, coconut oil, tea tree oil, one hour massage by Dori Chouhad, 1 bottle of Immuplex (immune support) and 1 bottle of Antronex (for congestion issues).  Stay tuned for next week’s additions…

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