Nate was uncomfortable walking in front of people because his foot was turning in. I have noticed a huge improvement in his gait within just a few weeks! This is going to be huge for his confidence!   

– Nate’s mom, Laurel

Have you ever been so sick with a head cold and could not breathe through your nose no matter how hard you tried? The more you sniff the worse it gets? Your nose gets very dry and cracks from trying to blow it? Well that was me for about eight years off and on. The worse thing was that I wasn’t even sick. I would just always be congested and have a very hard time breathing through my nose. I could never figure out why I would get like that. I figured it was just constant seasonal allergies. In which case I would just live off of Claritin and OTC allergy medication. Did it work to its full potential? No. It semi- relieved the pressure and congestion in my sinuses for a short period of time and would then bounce back within a few hours. I then started seeing Dr. Anne Marie for a chiropractor. I told her about my back and my knees from hockey and how it affected me. She said we would have me fixed up in no time. I then told her about my sinus problems and she said we can fix that too. Right, getting adjusted is going to relieve the pressure and congestion in my sinuses? Who would have thought? Either way, I went along with it, knowing my back and knees would benefit from chiropractic but not thinking my sinuses would. As soon as Dr. Anne Marie adjusted me for the first time, INSTANTLY my sinuses let loose and I was completely relieved of the pressure and congestion. Ever since then I have routinely been getting adjustments after work and have yet to have any sinus problems what so ever. I can FINALLY breathe normally again. I can’t even imagine how miserable I would still be if it weren’t for seeing Dr. Anne Marie. I have benefited in more than one way from getting adjusted, and I know you will too!   


Dr. Anne Marie was my last chance. I was in excruciating pain in my neck, mid and lower back. I was depressed because I couldn’t drive, couldn’t work (at a desk job), couldn’t sleep for weeks, and had no joy in my life. Previously in early May, I had been running and biking every other day but the pain in my neck and skull were increasing as the days wore on. I had used ice, heat, ibuprofen, hot tub, massage, acupuncture, and then physical therapy for 5 weeks but yet the pain intensified. I was waiting for the doctor (my primary) to send me to a pain clinic 3 weeks out. I took FMLA leave from work as I was emotionally and physically depleted. At last resort, I went to a healer in polarity that referred me to Dr. Anne Marie. I am 100% better 5 weeks later (today). I saw immediate relief the next day after my evaluation visit as I had a huge revealing during the night (a feverish type of symptom went through my body). I went back to work after only 10 days of being out and have now been biking the last 2 weeks (after Dr. Anne Marie’s advice).   


When I first began to see Dr. Anne Marie, I had back pain, neck pain, and jaw discomfort. Today I have pain relief in my back and increased flexibility. I have also found relief of stress in my shoulders and I now have the ability to open my jaw without pain.   

-Nancy H.

Before my adjustment I wouldn’t get a good night sleep. Today I woke up feeling great. I got a good night sleep and the night before I also had a good sleep. So I started to wonder why? What was I doing that was so different? Then I realized that on Tuesday I had my back adjusted. Thanks Anne Marie!   

-Michael B.

When I first began to see Dr. Anne Marie I was having severe jaw pain due to TMJ. I was unable to chew food without pain and discomfort and I often had to take pain medication just to sleep. Today I am almost completely pain free and I am able to chew food again. I thought I would have to deal with my TMJ forever but I have never felt better. Thank you so much Dr. Anne Marie!

-Laura R.



When I first came to Alive & Well, I had been struggling with chronic digestive issues, fatigue, hormonal imbalances, skin problems, and back pain for years. I had seen many chiropractors and alternative medicine practitioners in the past three years with little sustained improvement in my health.

After coming to Alive & Well for the past few months, I have seen a huge improvement in symptoms. I still have flare ups but I’m no longer plagued by chronic pain and fatigue. Additionally, my blood work is slowly improving for the first time in years, and I know that with Dr. Anne Marie’s continued help, I’ll eventually be back on track.



When I first came to Dr. Anne Marie, I was overweight, I had chronic sinusitis, gastric reflux and vertigo. I had already been gluten free, dairy free and dieting for several years but cheated in small ways frequently. My health improved somewhat but my chronic problems persisted. At my annual physical, blood tests revealed that my liver enzymes were elevated and after seeing a liver specialist I was diagnosed with chronic auto immune hepatitis and was told it could lead to liver failure if I did not treat it. She wanted me to take prednisone for several weeks followed by a long term immune system suppressing drug. I did not want to go down that road and asked if I could be strict with my diet for a month and see if my blood levels improved. I then started following my regimen strictly, no cheats at all, and I added green smoothies to my diet. At my next blood test there were some improvements. I have continued with my plan. I have lost 15 pounds without trying, my energy level is better as is my gastric reflux and sinusitis. When a friend asked how I was able to stick to my diet, I said that “There is nothing like being threatened with death (liver failure) to motivate me.”



It was a year and half ago when I first started going to Alive & Well. I was a train wreck. I was depressed and lethargic all the time.  I started getting pneumonia yearly and started having allergies to the antibiotics.  I also have a thyroid condition and have been having difficulty regulating it for several months.  I blamed my situation on that. However, it got to the point that I felt like I was just in a state of existence, and not living so I knew I had to try something. I didn’t want to take medicine to make me feel better.  I thought maybe if I saw a nutritionist it might help.  My daughter heard about Dr. Anne Marie and suggested I try her. Everything Dr. Anne Marie told me about her program made complete sense. I decided to try it. She put me on a program and within a month I started to feel better. It was difficult to find foods I could eat in the beginning but with the guidance of Dr. Anne Marie I could find enough to keep me satisfied. I would have some ups and downs but as time went on I would feel better and better.  I warded off pneumonia a couple of times with the help of Dr. Anne Marie changing my supplements.  I started losing weight and would get compliments at work which helped me to stick to the diet.  Once I realized if I ate enough of the right foods I could walk by the cookies and cake in the kitchen and not feel deprived.   Today….I am in a much better place.  I feel GREAT! I am so much stronger. I’ve lost 20 pounds. I have not had pneumonia and my thyroid has straightened out! I am now at the point that I can feel the difference when I cheat and I’m finding it not worth it. I eat out most of the time and can still find items on the menu that are gluten free.  I do sometimes miss my pizza and ice cream, but I remember how I used to feel and think “It’s not worth it”.

-Patricia S.


I was very dependent on my inhaler. I would have to use it multiple times a day. When working out, I would always carry it with me in fear of a sudden attack. Today, I use my inhaler only occasionally. I still carry it with me, but rarely use it. My asthma is finally under control.

-Scott B.