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In order for you to achieve the most from your care, it’s important for you to keep your scheduled appointments. If you need to reschedule a visit, we do require 24 hours advance notice; otherwise a cancellation fee will be processed. This prevents us from charging a fee and also enables us to better serve you and others. If a recommendation of home care, food journaling, or exercises are given, we ask that you do them for the best possible results.

Financial Arrangement

Our fees have been established to be reasonable and affordable to you. As a courtesy, we will provide you with itemized statements and we are happy to offer patients special reduced-fee prepayment plans.

Fee Schedule

  • Consultation: Complimentary
  • New Patient Nutrition Evaluation: $150
  • Nutrition Visits (1 through 3): $70
  • Nutrition Visits (all subsequent): $50
  • Nutrition Re-Evaluations: $45
  • Laser $10

The next time you search for a chiropractor or nutrition near me to help manage your pain or nutritional needs, contact Dr. Anne Marie Marcellino.