Beware of this beverage!

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Omega-3s Curb Cancer in Breast Cells
“Human cell study indicates that omega-3s block a key cancer-promoting gene switch and curb the kinds of breast cancer that account for most cases…”

20 Worst Drinks
“While Worst Water may sound like an oxymoron, the devious minds in the bottled beverage industry have even found a way to besmirch the sterling reputation of the world’s most essential compound. We went back to this article to find most of these are still around”

Fruit Antioxidants May Help Deter Diabetes
“Three studies combine to affirm prior indications that polyphenols from fruits can blunt blood-sugar spikes after meals.”

Head Out for a Daily Dose of Green Space
“First, the bad news: Americans are suffering from an acute case of “outdoor deprivation disorder,” and the effects on physical and mental health are rising fast..”